Channing Tatum: I like guys with accents

Channing Tatum has joked he’s a “guy that likes guys with accents”.
The Hollywood hunk got on famously well with Matthew McConaughey when they were shooting male stripper movie Magic Mike, with Matthew even joking he had a crush on Channing.
Channing seemingly felt the same way, laughing now that Matthew is a “mesmerising individual”. In his new movie Side Effects Channing teamed up with British star Jude Law, who he now has his eye on.
“Completely. I am getting sweaty just thinking about him,” Channing laughed to ET Online.
“Maybe I’m a guy that likes guys with accents. Who’s the next one? Jamie Foxx? He has a beautiful voice.”
Jude was thrilled to hear about the exchange, calling Channing “a sweetheart”.
The film is about a couple whose lives are thrown into turmoil when Emily, played by Rooney Mara, is prescribed a new drug by her psychiatrist. It has an unexpected effect on her, which her husband Martin, Channing’s character, has to cope with too.
“I think it’s a conversation worth having,” Rooney said. “I think some people really need them [prescription pills] and it saves their lives, then I also think certainly they are very abused and definitely people take prescription drugs far too often and then they have to take more drugs to counteract the side effects… it’s a vicious circle.”
Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays a psychiatrist in Side Effects and it’s a storyline she thinks is very important. The star has been open about her struggle with bipolar disorder and hopes this will start more of a dialogue about mental health.
“I think people in America discuss this whole issue of prescription drugs or psychiatry in general much more than they do in my home country. They have more of a stiff upper lip – don’t air your dirty laundry with anybody and don’t go paying for it either. So it does instil a lot of debate,” she explained. “People are always interested in getting into the minds of other people. [And the film is] one wild ride.”
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Tuesday, 29. January 2013