Anne Hathaway: I need vodka at awards

Anne Hathaway’s secret for getting through awards shows is “adrenaline and the slightest bit of vodka”.
The star scooped another supporting actress trophy for her role as tragic prostitute Fantine in the musical Les Misérables at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night.
At the event Anne sported a unique butterfly manicure design, which she revealed had a double meaning.
“[Of course I had butterflies in my stomach! My manicure is] a couple of butterflies keeping me company,” Anne revealed to USA Today backstage. “[My secret for getting through awards shows is] adrenaline and the slightest bit of vodka.”
During her acceptance speech Anne flashed a well-maintained set of pearly-white teeth to the audience, which she joked she’s had to do on other occasions already this year.
Anne managed to pay tribute to her actress mother Kate – who once understudied as Fantine in a touring production – although she forgot the names of her agents in her speech.
“Thank you – I’m just so thrilled I’ve got dental, I got my SAG card when I was 14. It felt like the beginning of the world,” Anne smiled on stage. “I want to thank my mother for voting for me. At least, she had better.”
Tina Fey received the best TV comedy actress prize for her role in 30 Rock, which comes to an end this week. Backstage she revealed she has more work projects lined, as well as a deal to develop shows for NBC.
“I’m going to London in March to film the next Muppets movie. Hopefully, shooting a movie called Mail Order Groom this summer with Steve Carell,” Tina told USA Today.
Actress Elizabeth Moss discussed her ensemble for the ceremony, specifically her $1 million earrings.
“No, I don’t [have security following me] which is why I’ll be heading to Mexico very shortly,” she joked.
Amanda Seyfried spoke about the perils that come from donning designer gowns for awards ceremonies. The actress joked that her navy dress was a particularly heavy creation she struggled to move in.
“I’m hoping we don’t win the ensemble award because I don’t want to get up on stage. You know what I mean?” she laughed to E! “It’s a lot of steps in front of a lot of people.”
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Monday, 28. January 2013