Victoria Beckham 'fears long-distance marriage'

Victoria Beckham is reportedly worried about the “strain” of maintaining a long-distance marriage if David signs to a club outside Europe.
The English soccer star is currently considering his next career move, after receiving offers to join clubs in countries including China, Russia, South Africa and around Europe. Victoria and her four children recently left Los Angeles and returned to London, where they are renting a house in Kensington. David is yet to decide where he will play next, and Victoria is apparently concerned about what will happen if he signs a deal with a far-flung club.
“Vic thought leaving LA would be the last upheaval and says she came back to the UK with visions of them being together – not for him to fly to the other side of the world,” a source told British magazine Closer. “She’s extremely supportive of his career, but doesn’t want the pressure of a long-distance relationship. It does put a strain on them, as it would with anyone. They work hard at their marriage and she hates the thought of him working away.”
In 2004, David’s former PA Rebecca Loos claimed she had a four-month affair with him when he played for Spanish club Real Madrid, while Victoria had remained in the UK.
Although Victoria isn’t worried about David’s commitment to her if he does move away from England, she finds it upsetting to cope with speculation about their marriage.
“Victoria never believes a word but, every time something like that comes up, it takes its toll,” the insider added. “She 100 per cent trusts David, but can’t be doing with the added pressure, especially when she’s so busy with family and work.”
Victoria is hoping 37-year-old David can sign a deal with a club closer to home, so her kids can settle and continue to go to school in London. She apparently believes this will be the best option for their family.
“She’s so busy with the new house and routine, she’s physically and emotionally drained. The thought of more long-haul flights to see David doesn’t appeal. Vic just wanted everything to calm down after the upheaval of the move,” explained the source.
“David does put the family first, but his final move before his retirement is important to him.”
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Sunday, 20. January 2013