Chastain no longer in denial about fame

Jessica Chastain didn’t fully grasp the full scale of her success until recently.
The Academy Award-nominated actress rose to fame in 2011 after being featured in seven films that year.
It just recently dawned on Jessica, who may take home the Best Actress trophy at this year’s Oscars for her work in Zero Dark Thirty, that she is famous.
“I used to be in denial about it,” she told USA Today.
“Up until six weeks ago. I used to just say, ‘Oh, my life is exactly the same, because no one ever recognises me.’ I have been working non-stop and when you’re working, you’re just staring at your feet most of the time. You don’t see what’s going on around you.”
Jessica is still too busy for romance.
She laughs off rumours that she’s dating fellow actor Tom Hiddleston.
“It’s not true at all. It’s funny, two weeks ago I was dating – I’m not dating,” she smiled. “But there was a rumour on Page 6 that I was dating [co-star] Edgar Ramirez. I love him, but he’s just my friend.”
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Friday, 18. January 2013