Denzel Washington: Fame is not natural

Denzel Washington admits that his status as a celebrity can easily have him mired in isolation.
The Academy Award-winning Flight actor’s face is internationally known.
Denzel reveals that being recognised almost anywhere can be deflating, as it is very segregating.
“[Being famous] can even have an effect on you all the time because it’s not natural to put a hat on and keep your head down all the time. It’s missing life – you start to miss life,” he explained to Cover Media.
“You know when you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. A West Indian told me that. Everything’s a trade-off.”
Denzel’s father Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr. was a Pentecostal preacher.
His dad’s occupation didn’t appeal to him much growing up.
“I never considered being a preacher,” he shared.
“It was suggested to me to be one but that wasn’t a plan of mine.”
Denzel loves being a part of the movie business.
He is exhilarated by the variety in his work.
“You know, that’s a part of the fun of it; I’ve driven trains, I’ve flown planes – well I haven’t actually – but that’s a part of the fun, part of our job,” Denzel smiled.
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Friday, 18. January 2013