Tracy Morgan shows off ‘nasty’ snake

Tracy Morgan has proudly shown off his “really nasty” pet snake.
The comic is famed for his role as Tracy Jordan on US TV show 30 Rock, which is coming to an end this month after seven seasons.
To mark the finale of the award-winning programme, Tracy opened the doors of his New Jersey home to Rolling Stone magazine. He was happy to discuss some of the unusual artefacts inside, among them one of the sparkly gloves worn by late singer Michael Jackson encased in glass. The comedian also has pet sharks and snakes.
“That is a black African python,” he said during the interview. “She’s really nasty. Two years ago, one of those ate an 11-year-old boy in Africa.”
The property also boasts a painting featuring several funny men – including Charlie Chapman, Bernie Mac and Richard Pryor – as the apostles at the last supper.
Tracy allowed the magazine to go with him to the set of the show, where he showed his tender side. He is known for his sharp tongue and has been slammed for making derogatory remarks about gay and disabled people in the past, but couldn’t help tearing up when he realised the series was finally wrapping.
“Good times, bad times, ugly times. Awards fun, looking forward to spring. It’ll never happen again. I can’t explain,” he gushed.
The piece also includes interviews with show creator Tina Fey and its star Alec Baldwin. He took the opportunity to poke fun at his brother Stephen, who was arrested on tax charges last year and filed for bankruptcy in 2009.
“I’m a very fastidious record-keeper of these kinds of things, so I don’t end up like my brother,” Alec said, after paying a restaurant bill and placing the receipt in his “extraordinarily” large wallet.
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Thursday, 17. January 2013