LeAnn Rimes ‘thrives off controversy’

LeAnn Rimes reportedly “does everything she can to draw attention to herself”.
The singer pursued a relationship with her current husband Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi Glanville.
LeAnn has been accused of Internet stalking and taunting Brandi.
The crooner was seen sporting a shirt with a red angelfish printed on it in reference to a comment Brandi made in an email last month. In the message Brandi claimed that LeAnn “sings like an angel and drinks like a fish.”
LeAnn was seen pictured out in the top recently and took to Twitter about the source of the item writing, “Loving the t-shirt my friend sent me….hysterical”.
Apparently her friend wasn’t the shirt’s originator.
“LeAnn does everything she can to draw attention to herself and she made that t-shirt because she knew it would get people talking,” a source told RadarOnline.
“Of course she tried to pretend like someone sent it to her, but that’s not the case. She’s out of her mind!
“LeAnn purposely wore that t-shirt knowing it would fuel the feud with Brandi.
“But the truth is that she’s the one causing all the controversy herself. She loves it and thrives off of it!”
LeAnn and Eddie wed in 2011 and turmoil has riddled the women’s relationship ever since.
Eddie and Brandi share two young sons together—Mason, nine, and Jake, five.
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Thursday, 17. January 2013