Shia LaBeouf’s mother sabotaging romance?

Shia LaBeou’s mother Shayna Saide is reportedly afraid of how serious his romance with Mia Goth is becoming.
The 26-year-old Hollywood actor is dating his 19-year-old Nymphomaniac co-star Mia Goth, following the end of his almost two-year relationship with fashion designer Karolyn Pho.
There is wide speculation that the couple are getting very serious and are considering officially committing to one another.
Shayna is not a fan of that prospect.
“Shayna’s used to being Shia’s No. 1 girl—to the point where he’s given her control of his money—and she doesn’t want to lose that status,” a source told Star magazine.
“He always told her his past girlfriends wouldn’t last, but this is different.”
Apparently Shayna has taken it upon herself to ruin her son’s love affair.
It is rumoured that the matriarch often speaks negatively on the subject.
“She constantly tells Shia that Mia’s just using him to get her movie career off the ground,” the insider said.
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Wednesday, 16. January 2013