Charlie Sheen: TAAHM is dead

Charlie Sheen claims he could make a return to Two and a Half Men, quipping, “I am dead. But so is the show.”
The actor was famously dropped from his role as Charlie Harper on the US TV programme following a public meltdown.
Charlie made a return to the CBS network on Monday night to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman. Although the star’s character was killed off after his departure from Two and a Half Men, Charlie has joked that he should be involved in the series finale.
“It’s nice to be back in the CBS family, even as a foster child. They’re nice until they fire you,” he laughed, before addressing his interest in reprising his popular TV role. “I am dead. But so is the show.”
The 47-year-old actor was then quizzed about his public meltdown in 2011. Charlie called his co-star Jon Cryer a “troll”, slammed the series’ creator Chuck Lorre and coined a series of phrases including ‘Adonis DNA’, ‘warlock’, ‘winning’ and claimed he had tiger blood running through his veins.
The star insists drugs were not to blame for his erratic behaviour.
“Not during the meltdown,” he explained. “During the previous 30 years, sure.”
Charlie also admitted he never felt as though he was in danger, claiming he was being spurred on by his rage.
“I’m sure it looked like I was going to spontaneously combust at any moment. It was an adrenal ride,” he added. “I think it was mostly fuelled by anger.”
Since leaving Two and a Half Men, Charlie has landed a new starring role in US TV show Anger Management.
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Tuesday, 15. January 2013