Lena Dunham expected Girls to fail

Lena Dunham thought her TV show Girls would “go into the ground” when it started.
The star writes, stars in and directs the comedy show, which became an instant hit when it launched last year. Lena’s meteoric rise to success was cemented on Sunday night when she picked up the best comedy TV actress Golden Globe Award for her turn as Hannah in Girls, while the show was named best TV comedy.
“Who knows?” she told New York Post, when asked why the programme is going so well. "I can’t believe it. I don’t understand this is happening. An Emmy, DGA Award and winning all these others? This was a maybe niche thing. We shot a demo, and I figured I’m lucky it got on.
“Possibly it won’t last like Downton Abbey, and it’ll go into the ground. But I’m not sitting back waiting for ratings to drop. I’m right there, walking around, out physically, seeing everything in my own life. Seeing the world I live in.”
The 26-year-old star is proud Girls has been popular with young people as it is loosely based on her life. She has been through difficult relationships and called on her friends for advice, just like Hannah is constantly catching up with her pals Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna. The series follows the four young women as they battle to find love and carve out lives in New York City
“I had a rotten boyfriend. Really lousy guy. When he later asked about it, I said, ‘Look, I haven’t even thought of you once in seven years.’ Some couples will recognise themselves in this,” she laughed. “And I had bad jobs but good friends. Kooky New York City types who are still with me. Happy for me. Maybe not too excited – but excited.”
Season two of Girls premiered in the US on Sunday and has won rave reviews. While Lena wrote she was upset she wouldn’t be following fans’ reactions to the show on Twitter because she was at the Golden Globes, her fans were quick to praise the opening.
Critics have also been kind, with Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter particularly impressed.
“Here’s to one of television’s bravest, most entertaining lenses on a subculture,” he wrote.
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Tuesday, 15. January 2013