Schwarzenegger: Politics wasn’t easy

Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses he “felt like an ant” while serving as a politician.
The 65-year-old actor left his role as California governor in 2011, a political post he held for eight years.
Arnold’s transition back into Hollywood was more challenging than he imagined.
Still, the star admits that making movies is way less strenuous than running states.
“I felt like an ant, there was so much happening with the [state’s] economic decline, people losing jobs, that I wanted to pay full attention and sort of sprint to the finish line,” Arnold told USA Today.
“I didn’t want people to say it’s a lame-duck session, blah, blah, blah.”
Arnold confesses that he smoked much more often while he was in office.
He even erected a smoking tent in a courtyard near the governor’s office.
“I smoke much less than I used to,” Arnold said.
“But one little cigar at the end of the day isn’t bad.
“Legislators liked to pass anti-smoking laws. And then they would come to the smoking tent.”
Arnold’s new action crime thriller The Last Stand will be in theatres this week.
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Tuesday, 15. January 2013