Pink serious about gym class

Pink used to act like gym class was “the Olympics”.
The 33-year-old is known for her energetic live performances and love of sports.
Now the singer has revealed her passion for exercising started at an early age.
“Theres always that one kid in PE class who thinks it’s the f**king olympics. Calm. The. F**k. Down. Hahaha that was me (sic) !” she posted on Twitter.
In 2011, Pink and her motorcross racer husband Carey Hart welcomed their first child Willow into the world.
The star has a great post-pregnancy figure, which is in part down to her love of yoga.
However, Pink admits that even she struggles to pick up some of the trickier positions.
“bikram- this time with hubby. at position 23 im seeing dbl + laying on my back. position #26 he leans over and says “this is it?” #whatever (sic),” she posted on Twitter over the weekend.
“Be still.Commit to the stillness.Let your body reorganize itself the best way it knows how..Without YOU getting in the way -yoga instructor (sic),” an earlier tweet read.
The Blow Me (One Last Kiss) star has always wowed fans on tour by performing acrobatics on stage.
Last year, her promo for single Try featured the singer showing off a complex modern dance routine.
It seems that her upcoming performances will be just as impressive.
“Day one of actual tour rehearsals done. I am sore, which means I’m very happy. Can’t wait to play with everyone!!!!!! (sic),” she shared with her followers.
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Monday, 14. January 2013