Kirsten Dunst: I don't make friends

Kirsten Dunst rarely makes new friends.
The actress has been pals with many of the same people since she was at school. Although she occasionally meets new people, it takes a lot for her to bond with them.
“[My friends] are immensely important. I’ve had the same group of friends since school and they’ve always had my back,” she told Company magazine. “I don’t make new friends very often but when I do, it just clicks immediately and feels really natural. I like easy-going confident girls who are creative in whatever they do – I have an eclectic group of friends.”
Kirsten’s father is German and she holds duel German and US nationality. The 30-year-old actress thinks that had more of an impact on her than she realised when she was younger.
“An awful lot of my girlfriends have a foreign parent like I do. One of them has a mom who is Russian, another has a mom who is Korean. My own dad is German and I think that having a parent who is not from the United States does affect you because it makes you see the world in a different way,” she said.
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Sunday, 13. January 2013