Lohan wanted reporter ‘banished’

Lindsay Lohan reportedly didn’t want anything to do with the New York Times journalist who slammed her work practices.
The troubled actress stars alongside porn star James Deen in the controversial Los Angeles noir movie The Canyons directed by Paul Schrader.
Stephen Rodrick was given permission to shadow the production for an article in New York Times Magazine.
The journalist makes several sensational allegations, including claims Lindsay was frequently late or completely failed to show up for multiple days of filming and begged for her job back after she was fired the second day into production.
Lindsay wanted nothing to do with Stephen from the outset.
“Lindsay absolutely did not want to be interviewed by Stephen Rodrick, who was on set every day,” a source told Radar Online.
“She didn’t want Rodrick on set, period. It’s almost unheard of to have a reporter on a film set every day and Lindsay told [producer/director] Paul Schrader that she wanted the reporter banished from the set permanently. She knew she was going to be portrayed negatively in the story, even though she was assured that it wasn’t going to focus on her, but would be about how hard it was to make an independent film. However, Schrader told Lindsay, in no uncertain terms, that if she didn’t cooperate with Rodrick she would be fired.”
Apparently Lindsay was only paid $100 per day while filming and according to reporter Stephen was promised “an equal share of profits”.
The Canyons was rejected from Sundance Film Festival and very few people believe the film will do well.
“Lindsay wouldn’t be surprised at all if the movie went straight to video, and actually never made it to the big movie screen,” the insider said.
The Canyons is slated for release later on this year.
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Saturday, 12. January 2013