Damon Albarn’s bikes stolen 30 times

Damon Albarn is reportedly vehemently against putting locks on his bicycles.
It is rumoured that the 44-year-old Blur musician has had 30 bikes stolen in the past few years.
Apparently Damon’s aversion to locks makes his stunning two-wheelers even more attractive to thieves.
“Damon’s wild for having his bikes nicked,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.
“He always buys old-school style racers that cost about £600 a pop. He’s spent around £18,000 since 2007 getting his stolen bikes replaced. It’s all because he can’t be bothered to use a lock.”
Damon always gets his bikes from the Halfpipe shop in West London.
The people who work there are astounded by his resistance to employing basic security measures on his property.
“Staff asked him to use a lock but he said, ‘I can’t be ar**d’,” the insider said.
“They even offered a lock installed with satellite tracking technology but he refused it.”
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Friday, 11. January 2013