Jason Derülo reveals Jordin nicknames

Jason Derülo has pet names for his girlfriend Jordin Sparks’ different hairstyles.
The singers appear in the February edition of US Glamour magazine where they feature in a selection of romantic shots to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
In the accompanying interview, the smitten singing duo open up about first dates and the things they love about each other.
Jason is so attentive to Jordin that he notices every time she changes her hair. The 23-year-old American singer-songwriter gushed that he has nicknames for the different styles his girlfriend sports.
“She transforms herself with it,” Jason gushed about Jordin’s hair. “I give her names for the people she becomes. When her hair is in a bun, I call her Simone. When it’s curly, I call her Chiquita.”
Former American Idol winner Jordin has been dating Jason for over a year.
The loved up couple have previously spoken about their desire to take their relationship to the next level by getting married one day.
Jordin commented on the status of their wedding plans and explained how they are both simply too “busy” to tie the knot at the moment.
“Marriage doesn’t scare us," Jordin explained. "But we’re not in a rush either.”
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Thursday, 10. January 2013