Brolin explains New Year’s arrest

Josh Brolin claims he was unfairly targeted by police when he was arrested for public intoxication on New Year’s Eve.
The 44-year-old actor was booked into jail at 3.02a.m. on January 1 after being arrested in Santa Monica, California just before midnight.
Reports suggested he became a nuisance while partying with a group of male friends and had to be taken into custody. He paid a $250 bail and was released at 7.14a.m. the same day.
Josh appeared on US breakfast programme Good Morning America on Wednesday. Asked about the incident he suggested he was unfairly plucked from the crowd because he is famous.
“New Year’s, that’s what happened!” the actor explained, adding, “I’m the one guy who’s out there and they go, ‘Hey that’s Josh. Let’s grab him.’”
Despite feeling he was singled out Josh said the arresting officers were “sweet” to him.
He was not cited for the arrest and authorities will take no further action against him if he pays his fine.
The actor said he is still upset about how the incident has been represented by the media.
“It was a pretty innocent thing. It was a fun thing,” he explained. “The most awful thing about it is you see this shot of me, they don’t show you the other shot when I turn and I have a huge smile on my face,” he said about his mugshot.
The actor has been in trouble with the law previously.
In 2004 the star was charged with misdemeanour battery.
Four years later he faced the same indictment after getting involved in a bar brawl.
Charges were dropped in both cases.
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Wednesday, 09. January 2013