Underemployed | Meet the Cast

MTV's new scripted comedic drama 'Underemployed' follows a group a five friends - get to know them a little better here...

Can’t wait for Underemployed to hit the tv screens this month? Neither can we! Luckily you can already spend some quality time with the cast here! Underemployed stars Michelle Ang as Sophia; Sarah Habel as Daphne; Jared Kusnitz as Lou; Inbar Lavi as Raviva; and Diego Boneta as Miles. Let’s take a close look at each of them…

DAPHNE Equal parts ambition and love, Daphne is trying to make her way in the business world by surrounding herself with everything she thinks she wants - but it has come at a price…and deciding what else she is willing to personally give up to achieve the success and respect that she wishes to attain provides her biggest obstacle yet. An unpaid internship at one of Chicago’s hippest advertising agencies starts as a great opportunity, but after a year of work, she’s racked up a mountain of creditcard debt and not a single paycheck. Further complicating things is a growing crush on her boss Todd. She knows mixing business and pleasure could make things messy, but sometimes life is messy, right?

SOPHIA – With plans of becoming the next Great American Novelist, Sophia graduated from college with high expectations forherself and her friends. Finding herself with a serious case of writer’s block in a minimum wage job selling donuts proves to be much more difficult than she anticipated. One thing that she can rely on is the close-knit family of friends that she is such an integral part of, and their everyday endeavors provide fodder for thought and inspiration as she attempts to break free from her creative shackles. Adding an unexpected romance stirs new awakenings within her and the normally shy and reserved Sophia gets every opportunity to step out of her comfort zone.

*LOU *- A do-gooder with a heart of gold, Lou graduated from college expecting to save the world one signature at a time. But when his ex-girlfriend shows up pregnant, Lou sacrifices both his bachelor lifestyle and his environmentalist convictions by taking a job working for his father who runs a chemical company renowned for its pollution. With an office job, a young family, and mounting debt, Lou struggles with the pressure to always do the right thing.

RAVIVA – Independent, strong-willed and driven, Raviva struck out for Los Angeles immediately after graduation to make it as a musician, but not before one last night to say goodbye to Lou, her long-time boyfriend and college love. LA taught her a few very tough lessons, ultimately sending her back to Chicago with a guitar in hand and a baby in her belly, looking to find the support and stability that she needs so badly. Faced with these new obstacles, she leans on Lou and all of her closest friends to once again find what matters most — love.

MILES – Serving as the group’s good-looking and optimistic influence, Miles never has a plan but always seems to land on his feet. After barely graduating from college, Miles decides to put that degree to work and commit full time to pursuing his dream of being an actor/model/spokesman/something. A free spirit and true champion for all of his friends, he must face the difficult task of making ends meet before he can make the elusive giant leap of being discovered. He’s never had a problem getting girls, but when he falls in love for the first time, he finds that life may be a little more complicated than he had hoped.

Underemployed premieres on MTV January 27th!

Thursday, 24. January 2013