Snooki: I didn’t know I was in labour

Snooki only realised her waters had broken when she started “peeing her pants every two seconds”.
The reality TV star shared the details of what happened during her 27-hour labour and birth of her four-month-old son Lorenzo during an interview with The Tonight Show.
The 25-year-old appeared on the US talk show along with her Jersey Shore co-star JWoww to promote the second series of their spin-off show Snooki & JWoww, which begins tonight on MTV.
“I was huge. When my waters broke I thought I was going to be like, ‘whoosh’, but I was like constantly peeing my pants every two seconds and I didn’t know what was going on, [JWoww adds: “although that’s pretty normal for us”], and it just kept coming out so I was like, ‘I think my water broke’," Snooki explained. “I was in labour for 27 hours but I didn’t feel anything as I got the epidural, so that was good.”
The party-loving pals gained reputations for their wild lifestyles while appearing on Jersey Shore. The pair showed they haven’t grown out of their outrageous ways by donning revealing outfits for their appearance on the primetime US talk show. JWoww revealed the baby gift Snooki appreciated the most was a product that monitors the level of alcohol present in breast milk to avoid poisoning your child.
“I got her a bunch of things, but the thing she liked the most was the alcohol testing strips,” JWoww laughed.“Snooki became a big fan of the strips, otherwise known as the pump and dump, which are for testing breast milk. It’s called pump and dump because you pump and test it for alcohol with the strips, then if it’s positive you dump it.”
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Tuesday, 08. January 2013