Damian Lewis: I feel guilty being away from kids

Damian Lewis “wrestles” with the guilt of being away from his children so much.
The British actor portrays former marine Nicholas Brody in the US TV show Homeland, which means he has to spend five months of the year shooting in America. He has six-year-old daughter Manon and five-year-old son Gulliver with his wife Helen McCrory and worried about the time he is apart from the kids.
“I wrestle with this. I wrestle with it. Children like you being around you see. They really just like you being around,” he told the latest edition of British magazine Vogue. “I don’t think there is any substitute for doing it well and just doing it right. And doing it right is just being there. And being good at it when you’re there. No one’s perfect, God knows, but being there is a good start.”
The point was really brought home during a recent discussion Damian had with his son. The little boy told his dad how much he misses him when he is working and the actor is struggling to cope with the revelation.
“I was talking to Gully about something completely different and suddenly, without even looking at me, he said, ’D’you know, Dad? When you’re away, sometimes I look out of my bedroom window at night and I call your name and I cry.’”
Although Damian spends so much time in the US, London will always be his home. He doesn’t feel properly settled when he is in Los Angeles and misses the comfort of his home city.
“As much as we may look like power-hungry, mad people, we are very committed, first and foremost, to living our life,” he said. “And if you’re going to live you live, where do you want to live it? LA Is interesting but it’s not one of the great places. It’s an inferior city to London.”
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Tuesday, 08. January 2013