Garrett Hedlund: I wooed Dunst on a canoe

Garrett Hedlund has recalling trying to impress Kirsten Dunst with a romantic canoe trip – which ended with them falling into the water.
The pair fell for each other while working on the movie On the Road. Garrett was eager to woo his beautiful co-star, and decided to take her for a moonlight ride in a canoe. However, the date was less than successful as they both ended up getting rather wet.
“It was not a stable canoe,” Garrett revealed. “We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, water… like golf-pond water.”
Although Garrett’s hopes for a romantic evening didn’t go to plan, the 28-year-old hunk still managed to woo Kirsten.
The Hollywood stars have been dating for around a year and are happier than ever.
Garrett went on to reveal to Details that he calls Kirsten “my gal” and they enjoy spending evenings together at the Ear Inn near Kirsten’s New York City apartment.
The 30-year-old blonde actress recently revealed that she is attracted to men with a good sense of humour. Kirsten also believes in the dating theory that opposites attract.
“Hypothetically speaking… I like a guy with a good soul who makes me laugh. That’s most important,” she explained. “I also think it’s very important not to date someone who is too much like yourself. Because that would feel like having another girlfriend and boys and girls are different.”
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Tuesday, 08. January 2013