Pamela Anderson: I need therapy

Pamela Anderson admits she should “probably” start seeing a therapist again.
The former Baywatch actress has had a difficult time in recent years, after building her dream home severely tested her finances and stress levels. Pamela also owes thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes and the star believes talking to a professional might help her resolve her conflicts.
“I’ve had some interesting therapists. I haven’t been in a long time. I probably should go back. I’ve been working non-stop, digging myself out of a construction hole,” she told British newspaper The Sun. “The house just enveloped me financially and I didn’t know how to handle it. It happens to a lot of people in Hollywood. It was a very stressful couple of years.”
Pamela spent so much in therapy that she became good friends with her shrink. However, the 45-year-old blonde wishes she could have addressed more of her issues during her sessions.
“My therapist was eccentric and old. I love seeing him and talking. We became friends — but I was paying for it,” she explained. “My grandfather was really into mythology and fairy tales and symbolism — and that’s part of my life. So I re-hash that with my therapist. I don’t know how much of that’s therapy.
“In fact, he actually told me more about his life than I told him about mine.”
Pamela also revealed she thought about playing the role of a therapist in a Canadian TV drama.
“I’ve considered a role in a show called Package Deal. I actually play a therapist, which is funny. She uses unorthodox methods,” she smiled.
Pamela says she is “working on” settling her tax bill, which is believed to be £230,000. The star hopes that paying off the sum will help her “move forward”.
The actress is believed to have been paid £50,000 to take part in UK reality show Dancing On Ice. Pamela was the first celebrity to leave the competition on Sunday, after suffering a wardrobe malfunction and stumbling during her routine with partner Matt Evers.
Despite her failure to impress on the ice, Pamela has vowed to carry on skating.
“I feel so bad for Matt. He should not be here. I stumbled, my dress… my boobs fell out,” she said. “It happens. It’s common in my life.
“But it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I’ll keep skating for sure.”
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Monday, 07. January 2013