Allison Williams: Andrews is my icon

Girls star Allison Williams was star-struck when she met her idol Julie Andrews.
The actress couldn’t help tell the iconic actress that she inspired her love of the craft.
But the budding starlet realises how unoriginal her compliment must have sounded.
“I sat next to her recently at a dinner. I told her I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for her. I imagine a lot of people tell her that,” she told the UK edition of Marie Claire before adding that The Wizard of Oz was one of her favourite childhood movies. “As a kid, I’d watch the same movie over and over again. It was how I figured out acting was a job and thought, ‘Well, I want that job.’”
Allison, who has also written for TV projects, admires the team behind UK series Sherlock.
Starring British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as the iconic detective, the brunette beauty praised the clever plotlines.
“It’s a mental exercise trying to keep up with Benedict Cumberbatch. Imagine how clever the writers are, to be as smart as Sherlock,” she said.
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Sunday, 06. January 2013