Andrew Garfield protected as child

Andrew Garfield needed to feel “protected” when he was growing up.
The actor won the lead role in The Amazing Spider-Man, which was released last year. He has previously said portraying the superhero meant a lot to him as he looked up to the character’s strength when he was young.
Andrew needed special care when he was growing up.
“I didn’t act a lot when I was a teenager, I started around 16. But it was more at school than in the theater. Initially I was very shy and sensitive. In a certain way I’ve always needed to be protected, because I was slim and the youngest in my family,” he explained to “Then I started to want to protect the others, especially the weak or the introverted people, like I was”.
Andrew has been open about being bullied when he was at school. He is thankful that things never got too bad for him.
“I was one of the thinnest and my classmates poked fun at me, but I’ve been lucky because I grew up in a wealthy family so I studied in a private school. I can’t complain, I’ve got everything,” he said.
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Sunday, 06. January 2013