Emma Watson: Family is my priority

Emma Watson says her family comes before everything else.
The 22-year-old actress has grown up in the public spotlight, having shot to fame playing witch Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Despite being a global star, Emma has remained down to earth and is always thinking about her loved ones.
“Friends and family come first and work comes second; that’s just how I live my life. I try to step away from the entertainment industry when I go and study – that give me more time. I did my third year [away from the Brown campus] in Oxford, so that I could be around my family. Ultimately, they are the priority. I don’t put anything above them,” she told the latest UK edition of Marie Claire.
Emma’s time at the prestigious Brown University in the US has been hugely rewarding. She was thrilled to take a break from making movies to focus on her studies and experience college life.
“I think having time to step away and study really, really helps. It helps to give me perspective on things, to be around people who are living their lives in different ways, who have different aspirations. It is a strange thing that I do and it can feel quite unnerving. It’s good to remember that it’s a bit mad,” she explained. “Because a lot of photographs are taken, you’re constantly evaluating your appearance, which most people don’t really have to do. It can be tough. It’s just part of the job. I’ve never really known anything else. It [fame] all happened when I was so young.”
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Sunday, 06. January 2013