Daniel Craig ‘loved Adele’

Daniel Craig thinks very highly of Adele.
The pair worked together on Daniel’s recent hit James Bond film Skyfall.
Adele sang the theme song for the feature, which grossed $980 million worldwide.
Apparently Daniel was impressed with the Grammy winner’s work ethic and absolutely fell in love with her personality.
“Daniel wants to keep the winning team,” a source told British newspaper The Sunday People.
“He loved Adele and wants her back.”
Although he is a fan of songstress Adele’s work, Daniel is more picky about the other tunes he’ll listen to.
He isn’t so keen on much contemporary music.
“No, I’m not a closet One Direction fan. I wouldn’t know a One Direction song if it sat on my face,” he revealed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O previously.
“It’s always that thing, where if you put your iPod on shuffle there will be that one song where someone will say, ‘What the f**k is this about?’ I’ve kind of gone off iPods, I’m sick of them because they sound like sh*t. I like vinyl. I like a bit of everything… I don’t want to try and name bands and try to sound hip.”
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Sunday, 06. January 2013