Rosamund Pike: I love raving

Rosamund Pike and her partner love getting up early to “go to raves”.
The actress and her businessman boyfriend Robie Uniacke welcomed their son Solo into the world in May last year. Becoming parents hasn’t changed the way they live that much, with the pair ensuring they make time for the hobbies they have always loved.
“My fella and I go dancing a lot. Not salsa or old-time dancing, we go to raves. When I was filming in South Africa, rather than stay up all night, we would get up early to catch the best DJs at sunrise,” Rosamund laughed to British magazine Vogue.
The actress appears alongside Tom Cruise in the new action movie Jack Reacher and was thrilled to work with such a big star. They bonded well and Rosamund was struck by how unaffected Tom was by his fame.
Tom is famously a devotee of Scientology and although the pair didn’t discuss his religious beliefs, Rosamund thinks he would have been open about them if she’d raised the topic.
“We never talked about it but I feel he’s the kind of guy who, if I wanted to sit down and have a discussion with him about it, I’m sure would be very open,” she explained. “But I wouldn’t discuss Scientology with him because I don’t know enough about it. I don’t have all the facts.”
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Saturday, 05. January 2013