Heidi Klum ‘serious about new man’

Heidi Klum reportedly thinks her new boyfriend is perfect husband material.
The German supermodel began dating her bodyguard Martin Kristen last year, following her shock split from her husband Seal. The two are blissfully happy and it’s been suggested Heidi is already making plans to settle down with her new beau.
“She believes he’s the guy who is going to make her happy for the rest of her life,” an insider told National Enquirer.
According to reports, Heidi was hoping Martin might pop the question over the holidays. They aren’t thought to be engaged yet, but he gets on so well with her four children it is likely to only be a matter of time.
“She says he treats her better than any man she’s ever had in her life and they’re planning their future together,” the insider added.
Heidi and Seal haven’t divulged the reasons for their split, although the musician’s temper is understood to have contributed to the break-up.
The model apparently counted on Martin’s support when things got tough.
“When Heidi was at her lowest, Martin told her she had a beautiful spirit and that she deserved to be respected and loved,” the source explained. “Their friendship has blossomed into a wonderful love affair.”
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Saturday, 05. January 2013