Gibson’s father divorced

Mel Gibson’s 94-year-old father has divorced his wife of 11 years.
Hutton Gibson’s marriage to 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks was under strain last year as she filed a restraining order against the actor.
The couple separated in May and according to TMZ, the divorce was finalised on Wednesday.
Court documents obtained by the website show Teddy has over $640,000 in cash and savings of her own and will keep the pair’s Lincoln Town Car in the settlement.
Hutton is reportedly walking away with $22,595.
They will split $22,000 in community property.
Hutton and Teddy married in 2001. Hutton is believed to have filed for divorce in June.
TMZ reported at the time Mel believed his stepmother was trying to cut off his father’s medication “to accelerate his death”.
Teddy responded with a court filing to obtain a restraining order against the actor. She claimed Mel spit in her face and exploded on her several times.
She also accused the star of sabotaging her marriage.
A spokesperson for the actor has not commented on the report.
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Friday, 04. January 2013