Hough’s abusive past ‘sucked the life out of her’

Julianne Hough felt stuck in the dark during a dreadful period in her past.
The 24-year-old star moved to England at age 10 to study ballroom dance before making it big in America.
Julianne revealed in an interview with US magazine Cosmopolitan that she “was abused, mentally, physically, everything,” while in London.
The actress finally returned to America at the age of 15. She landed a role on Dancing with the Stars and has made a successful transition into acting.
Julianne believes that many of her fans are shocked to learn about her painful history.
“I think a lot of people got to know me through Dancing with the Stars and don’t really know about my past before that, which I don’t talk about much,” she told ET Online.
“But yeah, I’ve been through certain things that have sucked the life out of me… and just the light about me was gone… and I was just a dark person. So I had to leave that situation and kind of come into my own again and I did.”
Julianne plays a domestic abuse survivor in forthcoming film Safe Haven.
She identifies with her character.
“Being Katie, I relate a lot to her,” she said.
“The fact that she had been in one situation that just sucked the life out of her, and it was a bad situation, and she needed to change and move on and kind of find her own again. And through that you find love and everything.”
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Thursday, 03. January 2013