Anne Hathaway ‘inconsolable’ after haircut

Anne Hathaway couldn’t stop crying after she cut her long hair short.
The 30-year-old actress takes on the role of Fantine in musical sensation Les Misérables, which is based on the classic 19th century novel by Victor Hugo. The character is a destitute prostitute who sells her hair and teeth to make a living.
Anne snipped her mane for this part and was in deep shock after she saw herself with short hair for the first time in her life.
“It was done and I took a few beats and then looked into the mirror,” she recalled to British newspaper The Mirror.
“I called my husband [fellow actor Adam Shulman] and was on the phone with him. I looked in the mirror and I said ‘I look like my gay brother. I’m just Man Hathaway’.
“I realised I couldn’t take it back. It had the effect of changing my identity. I was reduced to a mental patient level of crying… I was inconsolable.”
Anne looks at the experience as a rite of passage of some sort.
“I put it up there with the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do, which I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t think I was that vain,” she said.
“There was nothing I could do to prepare for it. You train the stunt, you sing the song, you train your voice.
“This was just letting it happen and accepting whatever the results were going to be.”
Les Misérables was released in the US on Christmas Day.
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Saturday, 29. December 2012