Courtney Love’s daughter faked Paris move

Courtney Love’s daughter once pretended to move to Paris to “screw her mother’s head up”, according to Marianne Faithfull.
Courtney and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain have a famously difficult relationship, with the 20-year-old getting a restraining order against her mother in 2009.
The following year, it was reported that Frances Bean was sharing a home with rocker Marianne in the French capital. Marianne has now insisted the claims were widely exaggerated.
“She didn’t move in! I’m good friends with Carrie Fisher, who was very kind to Courtney and used to take Frances Bean to Paris, and I met her and thought she was sweet,” Marianne told Q magazine. “I said, ‘I’ll be your bohemian grandmother, if you want one,’ and sent her a message saying she was welcome to stay in Paris. I think she said she would just to screw her mother’s head up and Courtney fell for it. But I would’ve just made her go to college and get educated and work.”
Marianne is a huge fan of Amy Winehouse’s work and was devastated to hear of the star’s death following an alcohol binge last year. She had previously insisted Amy – who battled drink and drug addictions – would live a long life as she didn’t want to pass away young.
The 65-year-old star had no idea about the extent of Amy’s problems, claiming the late singer had an eating disorder which contributed to her death.
“I was very sad about Amy,” she said. “I really thought she’d make it but I didn’t know anything about the anorexia. And of course, if she drank that much with anorexia, it would kill her.”
Marianne doesn’t have much time for many other recent stars. Although she can understand the appeal of Rihanna, she would never listen to Lady Gaga’s tunes.
“I don’t really like Lady Gaga’s music. I quite like Rihanna’s and I prefer a f**k-off attitude. I think Lady Gaga tries too hard,” she explained.
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Friday, 28. December 2012