Brad and Angelina enjoy Caribbean Christmas

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have enjoyed a “secluded” holiday over Christmas.
The engaged stars and their six children celebrated the festive season on the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. They have been staying at the luxury home of designer Donna Karan, which is situated in Parrot Cay – a resort on its very own island.
“They are at Donna’s house, without Donna, and have been loving the island because it is so secluded,” an insider told New York Post.
“Angelina’s taken the kids to Karan’s yoga spa. They’ve been running around the island with no care in the world, and relaxing.”
The property stands on a white beach and features an infinity pool which is decorated with volcanic rock. There are panoramic views of the beautiful island, as well as an open-air cinema and a ‘dining pavilion’, according to the publication.
Donna has previously raved about the home, calling it one of the island’s “best-kept secrets” and gushing that it is “like a private yoga retreat”.
The Hollywood stars have been keeping a low-profile during their break, although the locals have been excited to have them close by. Architectural Digest editor-at-large Jeffrey Slonim wrote a blog about his time on the islands over Christmas and noted there were rumours flying around that Brad and Angelina had brought 12 nannies with them to help with childcare.
The islands are a popular holiday destination with celebrities this festive season, with Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards, supermodel Christie Brinkley and movie producer J.J. Abrams also there.
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Friday, 28. December 2012