Pattinson clashes with family at Christmas

Robert Pattinson’s loved ones wouldn’t let him off the hook for “getting back with a cheat.”
The actor experienced romantic problems earlier this year with girlfriend Kristen Stewart after she admitted being unfaithful with married film director Rupert Sanders.
Recently it appears that Robert and Kristen are back together, and it is rumoured that the couple are even discussing marriage.
Robert’s family made it incredibly clear that they are not happy about that prospect.
“The rows kicked off on Christmas Eve when protective Lizzy had some words with Robert about getting back with a cheat,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.
“They were out drinking in Barnes, where Rob grew up. Lizzy was giving him grief about taking Kristen back and said she’s always hated the way he’s been treated by her.”
Kristen wasn’t present during the confrontations.
Apparently the actress doesn’t want to engage in conflict with her beau’s relatives.
“He and Kristen spent the festive season apart partly because she’s terrified of facing Rob’s family,” the source said.
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Friday, 28. December 2012