Rod Stewart: I'm normal at Christmas

Rod Stewart says his Christmas is “just like everybody else’s”.
The legendary rocker prefers to enjoy low-key festivities during the holiday season. He shuns lavish celebrations and gifts, insisting the most important thing about Christmas is being with loved ones.
“I will be in London this year,” he told a UK TV show. “My Christmas Day is just like everybody else’s. We don’t have a big parties, probably a few relatives will come over, the same old stuff.”
Rod is married to photographer-and-model Penny Lancaster, with the couple raising two young sons together, Alastair and Aiden. Rod also has six other children from previous relationships.
The 67-year-old star is renowned for being a sports fanatic. Last month, he was caught on camera weeping tears of joy after seeing his beloved Celtic Football Club beat Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.
Rod is planning to watch a series of soccer games during the holiday season this year.
“What I love about being in England is there is a lot of football on over Christmas, that is what I like!” Rod laughed.
The music star recently claimed his love of playing and watching soccer stopped him from getting hooked on drugs.
“Absolutely,” he replied, when asked if his interest in the game saved him. “I’ve always been into keeping myself physically fit, for my career. I never bought any either. I never bought any drugs.”
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Sunday, 23. December 2012