Aniston and Theroux picking ‘quirky’ baby names

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly opting to choose less traditional names for their unborn children.
It is rumoured that the 43-year-old actress and the 41-year-old screenwriter are expecting twins.
Jennifer’s representatives have discounted pregnancy claims recently, but it seems that behind closed doors Jennifer and Justin are getting well prepared for their new arrivals.
“Justin is a pretty quirky guy and the names they’ve picked out reflect that,” a source told the US edition of OK! magazine.
“The names certainly aren’t average! For boys names they’re going really off the wall! And for their daughter they’re also thinking pretty out of the box.”
Jennifer and Justin haven’t been open with the public about becoming parents, but it is apparently hard for them to conceal their delight amongst loved ones.
“She’ll want to make sure that everything is totally on track and enjoy the early stages of her pregnancy in a low-key way,” the source explained.
“[But] they were doing really obvious stuff, like asking their friends’ opinions on baby names. At a party, Jen had a whole group of pals weighing in and when somebody jokingly asked if they were expecting twins Jen got really coy and said ‘Maybe!’ ”
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Saturday, 22. December 2012