Victoria Beckham: I was always Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham is convinced that she has transformed into Posh Spice.
The former Spice Girl is celebrating the opening of Viva Forever this month, a musical based on the pop group’s songs that will be performed in London’s West End.
Victoria always identified with her nickname “Posh”.
“I was called Posh because I liked the nice restaurants, and the nice clothes, and that was my character,” she revealed on British documentary Spice Girls Story Viva Forever airing on ITV1 on Christmas Eve.
“I didn’t smile, even in those days. There was this, there was this very strong image, very, very strong image. And I am very much that person, even now. Even now. I get ready to go out sometimes and I catch myself in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve turned into that person.’ ”
Victoria looks back fondly on her days as a Spice Girl.
She enjoyed singing around the world with her bandmates Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton.
“The things we used to get up to. We had a lot of fun. Even me! It turns out…Can be quite a laugh,” Victoria recalled.
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Friday, 21. December 2012