Lady Gaga wants mom to call her Gaga

Lady Gaga wishes her mom would stop calling her by her real name.
Stefani Germanotta shot to fame under her Gaga stage name with smash hit Just Dance in 2008.
The 26-year-old is back at home for the festive period and has joked she doesn’t quite get the celebrity treatment from her family.
“im a vision s*ittily wrapping xmas presents getting blunt ashes on everything while everyone calls me ‘stephanie’. my family is so eighties (sic),” she shared with her Twitter followers.
“‘um mom, my name is gaga’ she told me I changed my name every year since i was 4 + to please take the ends off the string beans#NYmoms (sic),” she added in another message.
Christmas is a time of indulgence for most people and it seems festive food is just as tempting for an A-list star.
The Poker Face singer has struggled with her weight in the past and received fierce criticism when she showed off a curvier figure earlier this year.
On her official Twitter page, Gaga admitted she’s worried about piling on the pounds as she indulges over the holidays.
“that awkward moment when you realize you JUST took off last chrismas’ holiday weight and it is indeed now christmas AGAIN can i get an amen? (sic)” she posted.
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Thursday, 20. December 2012