The Rolling Stones not punctual with presents

Keith Richards admits his band is not “punctual” with Christmas gifts.
The 68-year-old is a founding member of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones and has played with bandmates Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood for many years.
With the festive season in full swing, the guitarist has discussed what the rockers get each other for Christmas.
“Oh yeah [we get each other gifts],” he told British magazine NME.
“Sometimes they don’t arrive actually on Christmas, sometimes before, sometimes afterwards. But we always exchange something. It’s normally something you see or you pick up and you think, ‘Oh Charlie’ll love that.’ But it might not be exactly at Christmas, because we’re not that punctual!”
The Rolling Stones are currently celebrating 50 years of music with the release of compilation album GRRR!.
Despite the gifts not always arriving on time, Keith has given his bandmates some thoughtful presents in the past.
“Let me think…Charlie’s given me some incredible things over the years, but they’re silly things, like in-jokes and stuff,” he explained.
“I can’t remember the best one I got, but I remember I once found a Biggles puppet, with a parachute, beautiful ‘20s job with all the gear on. And Charlie and I have always had a thing about Biggles, so I sent him that. It’s still dangling from his ceiling somewhere.”
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Saturday, 15. December 2012