Johansson: I loved my pet lizard

Scarlett Johansson was elated to find a reptile in her room when she was a little girl.
The 28-year-old actress didn’t imagine she would receive such a gift.
Scarlett treasures the memory of one of her first pets.
“The most memorable Christmas present I ever received was when I was eight-years-old,” she told Us Weekly magazine.
“I really wanted a pet lizard for Christmas, and my parents said, ‘No.’ When Christmas Eve came around, my mom and dad led me into their bedroom and the lights were off except a glowing terrarium with my new lizard inside. I was so excited! I had him for eight years.”
Scarlett is an ambassador for charity Oxfam.
She encourages people to be philanthropic during the holiday season.
“I always ask my friends and family to buy a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped,” Scarlett said.
“Purchasing an alpaca or a goat or a farm essentials kit… are totally unique gifts that remind us that giving is receiving.”
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Saturday, 15. December 2012