Martin Freeman adapted to strange surroundings

Martin Freeman says “nothing seems weird” after spending time on the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
The British actor portrays lead character Bilbo Baggins in the three-part franchise, which is helmed by legendary director Peter Jackson.
The story is based on the adventures of mystical Middle-earth creatures and Martin quickly adapted to the strange characters roaming around on set.
“No [it wasn’t peculiar seeing hobbits walking around], because by then the peculiar becomes normal,” he smiled to ShortList.
“Nothing seemed weird any more at the end of 18 months. Watching orcs have lunch in their dressing gowns and dwarfs taking their beards off while they ate their soup – nothing was weird.”
The 41-year-old almost missed out on the part, as he was already signed to British television series Sherlock.
Luckily things were changed around so he could join The Hobbit cast and the star can remember the moment it hit home he had scored such a massive role.
“I think [when] it [hit me] was when people were congratulating me in the street in London,” he divulged.
“It was the first time I was being congratulated for a job that I hadn’t done yet. All the other stuff is incremental. Getting sized up for my feet, going to get a plaster cast for my head and my ears, all of that is part of the process, but it takes months.”
The first movie has already hit cinemas, with the next two following in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
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Thursday, 13. December 2012