Russell Crowe throws karaoke parties

Russell Crowe threw karaoke parties for his Les Misérables co-stars while filming the new movie.
The cast are currently travelling all over the world to promote the hotly-anticipated musical, based on the novel by Victor Hugo. Russell – who also sings in a band – was eager to bond with his fellow stars and invited them over to his house each Friday to test out their vocal talents.
“Roberta [Duchak], his voice coach, was there, and there was a songbook that we would look through. There were a lot of duets,” Anne Hathaway told the New York Post. “It was really nerve-racking at first. The first time Russell said we were going to sing, I thought he was joking. Or that we could just get him drunk enough and he would forget.”
Anne went on to explain that all the guests would warm up their voices by performing Hallelujah together, then each person would take a verse to sing alone.
Hugh Jackman, who plays Russell’s bitter rival in Les Misérables, revealed which tracks his co-star enjoyed performing. Hugh joked rock ‘n’ roll fan Russell was always enthusiastic about the karaoke sessions, even introducing musical instruments.
“You know Russell loves to do a bit of Johnny Cash,” Hugh explained. “You basically have to give Russell 30 seconds before he breaks out the guitar. He loves it, loves the sing-along.”
Russell and Hugh are no strangers to singing together. As well as performing a series of duets for Les Misérables, the pair recently enjoyed a live singing battle at a pub in New York City.
It appears the hype surrounding Les Misérables is warranted, after it received an impressive four nominations for the Screen Actors Guild film awards, including nods for Hugh and Anne.
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Thursday, 13. December 2012