Geri Halliwell: Musical is so emotional

Geri Halliwell felt “really emotional” after seeing the new Spice Girls musical.
The girl group – also comprising Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton – was reunited again in London last night for the launch of the new show Viva Forever!, which they have been closely involved with. Geri was overwhelmed with emotions after watching the musical.
“This is a great excuse for us all to have a party tonight!” she told British magazine Heat at the after-party for the show. “The musical was incredible, we all got really emotional watching it. I just want to see it again now. It was brilliant, it was so emotional, it was funny, it was exciting, it was empowering. It was girl power! It was so just perfect, we are all thrilled with it.”
Emma was delighted to be back with her bandmates and hopes the musical will attract younger fans.
“We are reaching out to a whole new generation, which has been amazing. All the children are coming as well, so it is fab,” she smiled.
Despite receiving scathing reviews, Geri insists she is impressed with Viva Forever! and loved listening to their hits being performed live.
“It’s all about the music. We wrote these songs, which we feel are brilliant, and now we get to share them all over again and this story belongs to everyone,” she gushed to UK TV show Daybreak. “It was amazing, it was such fun and we are so proud.”
While Mel B, Emma, Mel C and Geri all happily posed together on the red carpet at The Piccadilly Theatre, Victoria was notably absent.
According to reports, the singer-turned-fashion designer got stuck in traffic so arrived later than her bandmates, and chose to pose for photographs with her three sons and husband David Beckham.
When Mel C was asked where Victoria was, she replied: “She is coming with David.”
Victoria then decided to sit with her family rather than the other girls to watch the show.
The 38-year-old fashionista appeared rather uncomfortable when the band took to the stage after the performance, covering her face at times and standing to the side while the other girls smiled and cheered excitedly.
Geri made the most of being in the limelight, clapping and dancing around with stars of the show and grabbing the mic to thank the producer Judy Craymer.
“There is one woman we have to thank and she is a true woman of girl power, Judy Craymer,” she said. “We love you Judy. Thank you for making the Spice Girls dream come true!”
Victoria also paid tribute to Judy, before adding: “Thank you to my family for being here, I love you all.”
The group then headed to the lavish after-party and sat together at a VIP table.
Geri was the first on the dancefloor for Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger, while Mel B, Emma and Mel C soon joined her as they danced around to their own songs.
Victoria was apparently later encouraged to show off her moves with her hairdresser Ken Paves to a Flo Rida track.
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Wednesday, 12. December 2012