Duchess of Cambridge’s dad dressed in sumo suit

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge’s father once dressed up as a sumo wrestler for Christmas.
Catherine Middleton has a famously close bond with her parents Michael and Carole, as well as siblings Pippa and James. Pippa has written a column in the latest edition of The Spectator magazine where she reveals family secrets about their holiday traditions, including that her dad enjoys getting into the festive spirit with unusual outfits.
“He buys a new costume each year and typically gets a bit carried away – a couple of Christmases ago, he appeared in an inflatable sumo outfit,” she explained. “It’s endearing, really, and only quite embarrassing.”
Pippa goes on to say she will be spending Christmas at home with her family in Berkshire, and believes the holidays will be “blissfully calm”. She makes no reference to Catherine’s pregnancy, or the fact she has been suffering from severe morning sickness.
Pippa also defended her party planning guide Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities For Families and Friends. The book was released this year and failed to impress critics or buyers, with many slamming it for being too obvious. Pippa – who reportedly received a £400,000 advance – insists she “had to cover the basics”.
“But in my defence. Let me say this: Celebrate is meant to be a guide to party planning and, as such, it has to cover the basics,” she explained. “If I were to write a cookery book, for instance, I would be compelled to say that, to make an omelette, you have to break at least one egg.”
Pippa then refers to the most admired party of her body as she jokes she is considering writing a sequel called ‘Bottoms Up’.
The 29-year-old brunette goes on to give some spoof “excruciatingly self-evident” tips for Christmas entertaining.
“Choose, if you can, a Christmas-themed menu. A turkey, for example, can be perfect for large gatherings,” she wrote. “Don’t not invite any members of staff, as this can cause offence. Keep speeches brief and cheerful: Christmas is not a time to talk about redundancies."
Pippa also revealed she plans to take part in a 150-mile running, cycling and kayaking triathlon in New Zealand in February.
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Wednesday, 12. December 2012