Ashley Olsen’s plane engine explodes

Ashley Olsen was apparently a passenger on an American Airlines flight when the plane’s engine combusted.
The 26-year-old actress and fashion designer came close to death Monday morning.
TMZ reports that Ashley is thought to have occupied a seat on an American Airlines’ flight 2421 from Dallas, Texas that was en route to Los Angeles.
One of the aircraft’s engines burst into flames soon after the airliner pulled away from the gate.
The cockpit became suffused with smoke and pilots steered the plane back to the terminal immediately.
Sources who occupied the plane during the incident say that Ashley was one of the 200 passengers who exited the aircraft safely.
The story is developing and there are no details yet on whether or not anyone was injured.
Ashley and her sister Mary-Kate were recognised for their fashion influence in October.
The twins’ received praise for their fashion label The Row during a dinner held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for WSJ Magazine’s Innovator of the Year Awards.
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Monday, 10. December 2012