Gerard Butler ready for fatherhood

Gerard Butler has hinted he’ll start a family soon as he can’t wait to have “toddlers running around”.
The 43-year-old actor is a renowned ladies’ man but recently confirmed he has been dating actress-and-model Madalina Ghenea for the last seven months.
It seems the relationship is more serious than was first thought as Gerard has started thinking about having a family.
“Absolutely! I think I’ll be a great dad, although I can’t wait too long because I’m getting on,” he replied, when asks if he ever imagines becoming a father by Parade. “I love kids. I really look forward to having toddlers running around.”
Gerard plays a man who starts coaching his son’s soccer team in his new movie Playing for Keeps. His character George becomes a hit with the players’ mothers and also begins to questions his feelings for his ex-wife, played by Jessica Biel.
The actor had no problem portraying someone who keeps his love options open, explaining he is proud to be known for being a hit with women.
“I’m famously a good flirt! That’s a Scottish thing: the Celtic charm. I can put on a big smile and say the right things, but I’m also a warm heart. I like to make people feel good,” he explained.
Despite his successful movie career, Gerard is considering branching out. He loves singing and has been known to show off his vocal skills with a band in the past.
The star has recently started to wonder if it’s something he should pursue further.
“I sang in a band in Scotland before I became an actor. I was recently thinking I should start singing again because I do miss it. It’s a great outlet for my emotions,” he said.
When talking about his relationship recently, Gerard joked it is extra special as “two nights” is his usual “standard” for romances.
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Monday, 10. December 2012