Hugh Jackman: Premieres are easy for me

Hugh Jackman believes it’s “much easier” to be a guy at a movie premiere.
The Australian actor stars in the big screen adaptation of Les Misérables, based on a novel by Victor Hugo which is also a popular musical.
Earlier this week, the 44-year-old hunk attended the world premiere of the film with co-stars Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried in London.
The winter weather in England’s capital left Hugh grateful he didn’t have to step onto the red carpet in a skimpy dress, like his female colleagues.
“I had my arms around them for photos, and they were shaking!” he told British radio host Nick Grimshaw.
“Anne and Amanda in a backless dress, literally shaking! We [the male cast] had our suits on, thermals underneath. It’ so much easier being a guy!”
Hugh takes on the lead role of Jean Valjean in the musical drama, which features the whole cast singing live.
The X-Men star loves the atmosphere at premieres and thoroughly enjoyed introducing his latest film to the UK.
“All my family are here and I’ve never been to a premiere that has been this much fun! People were clapping throughout, it was like the theatre,” he gushed.
Hugh can remember attending one of the first screenings of 1993 movie Free Willy.
The actor recalled the audience’s hilarity when hearing the title boomed out across the cinema.
“I remember being with my sister when the premiere of Free Willy was on. I think in America they didn’t know quite what ‘willy’ meant and I was in the cinema and they said, ‘This summer we will free willy’ and people went mental!” he laughed.
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Friday, 07. December 2012