Anne Hathaway: Short hair affected proposal

Anne Hathaway’s now-husband had to admit he might propose after the actress revealed she was cutting her hair for a movie role.
The star is sporting a close crop after chopping off her long brunette locks to play Fantine in the new musical movie Les Misérables. When she won the role, Anne wasn’t yet engaged to Adam Shulman, although he had secretly been planning to pop the question. After telling Adam she would have to lose her hair, he was forced to drop a large hint about their future together.
“My now husband looked at me with pride, joy and slight panic,” Anne recalled to British newspaper The Sun. “I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ and he said, ‘OK, without giving anything away about what is coming in the next few months, how do you feel about being a short-haired bride?’ and I went, ‘Nooooooooo.’”
Anne and Adam married in September at a private home in Big Sur, California.
The 30-year-old has made no secret of her desire to settle down and have a family – and is thrilled to have found the perfect man to do that with.
“I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 16. But I also wanted to have a career, so I have been chomping at the bit to be a mother for a really long time,” she explained. “I also had to find a baby daddy first — which I now have.”
Anne has impressed critics as starving prostitute Fantine in Les Misérables.
There is even speculation she could land an Oscar for her heart-breaking performance. However, Anne is refusing to pay too much attention to the hype.
“It’s very nice to hear obviously, incredibly gratifying, because it means people are responding to the film and that they are made very happy by it. But it’s so easy to get swept up in the Oscars,” she smiled. “And the nominations aren’t out yet, so you can’t count your chickens before they are hatched.”
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Friday, 07. December 2012