Jack White: Gaga is all image

Jack White says Lady Gaga is “all artifice”.
The Former White Stripes frontman has blasted modern celebrity culture, claiming many of the music industry’s biggest stars lack substance. Jack has laid into Gaga’s famously eccentric persona, insisting she doesn’t fully explore her vision.
“I don’t think she lives it because it’s all artifice,” he told the January edition of Esquire magazine. “It’s all image with no meaning behind it. You can’t sink your teeth into it. It’s a sound bite. It’s very of this age, because that’s what people want. They want a Twitter line, a Jpeg, an MP3.”
Jack went on to slam famous faces who live out their lives in Twitter. He believes only funny stars should tweet their movements.
“Twitter is the most perfect example of modern living. I think the only people who should have [Twitter accounts] are comedians. Because it’s all about one-liners,” he explained. “You don’t want [late American writer] Gore Vidal telling you, ‘I’m doing my dishes right now.’”
Jack wishes stars would remain more removed from the public spotlight.
The 37-year-old musician prefers to remain somewhat anonymous and doesn’t understand why so many celebrities go to great lengths to appear normal.
“The goal of modern celebrity is to make yourself into the lowest common denominator. ‘Hey, I’m a guy just like you. I like a beer, a football game.’ Especially in reality television, you’ll see people will go so far as to make a fool out of themselves just to prove that,” he added. “You know, Clint Eastwood is doing one with his family, and it’s such a disappointment.”
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Tuesday, 04. December 2012