Kylie Minogue: I love to curse

Kylie Minogue insists she “swears like a trucker”.
The 44-year-old is celebrating 25 years in show business after bursting onto the scene with hit The Loco-Motion in 1987.
The Australian star has needed nerves of steel to survive in the music industry and insists that despite her cute image, she can hold her own when it comes to cursing.
“If you sat in a bar with me you’d see another side,” she laughed to the British edition of Elle.
“I’m a proper Aussie, I can swear like a trucker.”
A quarter of a century in the business has caused Kylie to look back at her career and the things she has experienced.
Despite enjoying the excitement of her early days, the singer had to develop a tough skin right from the start.
“I can’t say it wasn’t exciting but I don’t miss all the angst I had back then,” she explained.
“I had hits but I had a lot of critics. A lot of it was really vicious and I was just a kid and I did get completely trampled by it. I had a kind of breakdown where I just wanted to go away and hide. My family knew what I was going through and the thing was that I agreed with a lot of criticism about me, I just didn’t know quite how to deal with it.”
Despite her busy career, the Can’t Get You Out of My Head singer has made time to settle down with Spanish model Andrés Velencoso.
The 34-year-old has his own work commitments to keep up with, meaning he is understanding when Kylie just wants to crash after a busy day.
“I came home from a show, I was exhausted, I had flu, I just flopped down on the settee and it was like, ‘Oh hello boyfriend,’ and I fell asleep,” she smiled.
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Monday, 03. December 2012